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Confessions of a Framing Sceptic

When I first heard about framing I heard spin. I thought that it was all about identifying  the prejudice of the public and then pandering to it. I thought it was better suited to advertising and the dark arts of politics than the much more complex world of policy development and communication. I thought it was […]

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A Community Response to #metoo

  Over the last decade our institutions and industries have been rocked by accusations of sexual abuse and harm. From the Church through the BBC  to Hollywood and to some of our most precious charities we have heard stories about behaviour that has no place in the 21st century. And we’ve heard about harm done, […]

The Future of Civil Society – the year one moment.

I’ve been thinking a lot about civil society and its future over the last year because of my role chairing the Independent Inquiry into the Future of Civil Society  Yesterday we published a range of content  – all well worth looking at. The long report marshals the evidence, the animation stimulates thinking, the map shows […]

the 5 Ss in Governance

The five Ss in governance My interest in governance is as a governor, advisor, author, consultant and chair – and then as a CEO. And my interest also lies in the charity sector, because I think that is where the challenge of governance is most demanding, and the rewards are greatest. But at a time […]

some thoughts on all our childhoods

We’ve all got good at talking about adverse childhood experience and trauma. So good that we can name them, count them, measure their impact and they even have a handy acronym. We talk about the number of ACEs someone has with fluency and zeal. In lots of conversations recently I’ve found myself reflecting on the […]

Why we overlook and ignore our shared need for care

Under-reported: The issue that terrifies politicians and affects every household – social care This blog was first published on Unherd.Com as part of their series on the issues that are overlooked and ignored as the political machine is preoccupied with Brexit. I can think of no issue that affects every household in the country and […]