I’ve been thinking a lot about civil society and its future over the last year because of my role chairing the Independent Inquiry into the Future of Civil Society 

Yesterday we published a range of content  – all well worth looking at. The long report marshals the evidence, the animation stimulates thinking, the map shows where we’ve been and what we have done, and the report describes our thinking.

I have also written a couple of blogs. One, done for NPC was a personal view about the experience, what I have learned and what I am now thinking. And the other, on the Baring Foundation website, was speaking to funders, recognising that charitable foundations and grant makers are crucial if any change is to happen. And if you believe, as I increasingly do, that change is no longer optional,  then how funders respond is going to really matter. The challenges are too important for us to simply blame others : we need to take  shared collaborative responsibil for rising to the challenge.

All of us involved in the Inquiry know that we have learned great deal. We have listened attentively, and heard a lot. But for the rest of this year we need to identify how this change is going to happen – and to do that we need everyone who is interested in civil society to join us, and most importantly, start making the change now.

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